Discrimination against Obese Women and Girls is Not Okay

Recently someone shared with me a video going viral featuring Jennifer Livingston, an overweight anchor on Wisconsin’s WKBT.  It really disturbed me to watch then as I pondered it more it broke my heart to witness the pain while she reported about being bullied by a viewer via a letter.  After viewing the video fully twice,  I would not classify the letter as bullying but who I am to say that classifaction is wrong.  It didn’t happen to me yet what I would consider it is clearly discrimination by a male viewer in regards to why Livingston should not be on camera based on her weight.

Take a moment to watch CBS WKBT News Anchor’s On-Air Respsonse to Viewer Calling Her Fat


See angry Dad’s response in regards to the letter

Dining While Black Not Just a Book Review But Alternate Reality


According to the New York Daily News there is “new evidence of racist restaurant waitstaff may leave a bad taste in the mouths of African-American diners.After polling 200 servers in 18 North Carolina restaurants, researchers found that a shocking 38.5% discriminated against black customers.Waiters admitted that they often gave them poorer service, based on their expectations that black diners would be poor tippers, demanding and rude.”  READ MORE Sometime we like to bury our heads in the sand about racism yet in 2012 with a physically Black President of the United States of multi-cultural heritage, the reality is still there.  Is it as bad as it once was? No, but it doesn’t erase reality.  This phenomenom isn’t just reserved to Blacks only.  In several private conversations I learned of Latino men  describing dining anxiety or avoidance of some fine dining establishments because of a sense of not belonging or being a sell out.    There are two sides of the coin going on, preconceptions of the diner and the waitstaff.

When approached about doing the book review of Dining While Black written by Aisha Karefa-Smart, I thought to myself “Why?”  I thought it was going to be an insulting presumptuous book about “how we are.”  I hate broad stroking and stereotyping.  However, the book is not at all what I presumed and I will admit the author put me in my place.  In fact I have to give her a 7o’s “Right on!”  To my surprise it is an incredibly warm, personal and informative book. At  page 22 the author  captured my complete attention with topic of  The Negro Motorist Green Book.  The history buff that I am became quite impressed with the history presented about the African American dining experience in America.

Editorial and book review by Crystal A. Johnson

Pizza, Bear Hug, Yelp and the President- ¿Que Pasa?

The Presidential bear hug gone viral

It’s one of those viral things and yes we are going along with crowd.  I noticed MCCN Food & Culture Editor Catrina Sally, a very political woman posted on Facebook about a pizzeria getting trashed because of a President Obama visit.  There is so much wrong with this story.  Politics aside, do we have to trash a business owner’s reputation for food because in his excitement of a once in a lifetime Presidential visit he gives the President a startling bear hug?  I am thinking that move was not approved by the secret service.  Moreover, the reason for the visit is because owner  of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant Scott Van Duzer has been doing good for the community, ay yay, yay.  Yes, Van Duzer has a foundation which hosted blood drives for patients in St. Lucie County, Florida.

There is a silver lining to this story,  according to the New York Daily News,  “As of Tuesday morning, more than 100 reviews had been removed for violating the site’s content guidelines.”  The site gone wrong episode happened on Yelp.  For minute there we are sure restaurant owner may have wanted to the change the words of the Beatles tune to “Yelp, I need somebody. Yelp!”  -Crystal A. Johnson

Read more about the story at the Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/obama-hatemongers-trash-website-rating-bear-hugging-pizzeria-owner-negative-reviews-article-1.1156590#ixzz26CweVHeS