International Superbowl Appetizer & Cocktail Menu

If you live on the west coast the party starts earlier than the east coast.   No matter what you want to you outshine your Superbowl party get together competitors with  a few tricks up your sleeve.  Also, the key to the menu is mostly having finger food.  And of course MCCN, is here to help.

Main Course


Thai Kra Pao-  Why? It’s an easy stir fry. Once, again emphasis on easy to pick up with tongs on put on the plate plus the spices should have everyone talking about it. (Pictured)

Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken–  This is for the less spicy crowd that exists out there.  Furthermore, some folks just love an excuse for a lua theme.



Caribbean Concha Fritters




  • Bloody Mary’s -For the West Coast for watching Superbowl Coverage early in the morning
  • Michelada’s on the house for everyone. – It’s a Mexican beer cocktail with chile and lime on the glass rim.