Tribute to International Women’s Day: Girl, You Look Good Enough to Eat Awards

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, MCCN looks back at our list of beautiful women who have generated  the most views on MCCN home-site, blog or Multiculturalcooking at You Tube Channel.  What a talented and diverse demographic group of women! READ MORE


Girl, You Look Good Enough to Eat Awards

The Multi Cultural Cooking Network brings the worlds of food, culture and celebrity together in a unique way.  If internet views were bites, let us say these are the stories our readers have been nibbling on all year long.  This is our 1st Annual You Look Good Enough to Eat Awards. What does the expression really mean? Are you simply appetizing or is there something comforting to your appeal like red velvet cake or flan?

The MCCN list consists of beautiful women whose articles or video interviews have generated the most views on MCCN home-site, blog or Multiculturalcooking at You Tube Channel. The Multi Cultural Cooking Network has a really diverse demographic.  Like anything there will always be a majority.  In our case the majority demographic is Latin American but to say Latino means consisting of several different cultures.  With that said it is exciting to see a range of complexions embody beauty and peak the public’s curiosity to know more about them.  It is wonderful to see women in their twenties to past their forties considered eye candy.  Moreover, they are dynamic. We are really proud to see Latinas, African American, American, Women of European heritage, Middle Eastern, Asian and Native American groups represented.  Honorable Mention to Kate Walsh, Sheila E, Sharon Leal and Cheryl Burke were short of making the list. Oh and Angelina Jolie up there, we had to put someone appetizing up who didn’t make our list to catch you attention.

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MCCN Exclusive from Princess and the Frog Premiere: Erica Hubbard

Looks like Princess Tiana is not the only lovely lady in the spotlight from New Orleans at the Disney World Premiere of the Princess and the Frog.  Lincoln Heights star Erica Hubbard talks to MCCN about her favorite desserts and New Orleans food.