French Bakery: Bonaparte at Baltimore’s Fells Point

Apricot Blueberry tart

We made Bonaparte Breads and Cafe one of our East Coast Pit-stops inBaltimore as we gather sound “bites” about food.  We have it on good authority from our local Baltimore food critic, Monica Johnson and field producer of this webisode that the food is delish! From quiche, desserts to fresh baked breads by a French baker, the restaurant faces the inner harbor what more could you ask for. Take a gander at the foods and hear what the manager says they are serving.

Located at: 903 South Ann Street, Fells Point


(Dexter Nixon puts mic on the Bakery Manager

Russia meets Baltimore for the 36th Annual Russian Festival

From the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow to the Winter Canal in St. Petersburg, there is so much to see and appreciate in Russia. This weekend the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church is providing a taste of the country’s flavor with the Russian Festival. Now in its 36th year, the festival located in the Fells Point area of Baltimore, not only celebrates the rich history and culture of its parish, but  festival-goers are also invited to sample and enjoy lots of food,  plus live entertainment and souvenirs imported from Russia.

Now about that food…the delicacies range from desserts like Vishnovaya Babka  and Shokoladnaya (cherry bread and chocolate bread) to traditional Russian dishes like salad iz kapusty and blinchky (cabbage salad and stuffed crepes). Sound hearty enough? For the more dainty crowd, there is also an authentic Russian Tea Room with an antique samovar (metal urn for making tea).

The three-day festival ends on Sunday, October 18th with a power-packed itinerary including the Lyman Ukrainian Dance Group, live music from Balkanto, and The Beltway Balalaikas Ensemble. For more information about the Russian Festival go to the following website: Russian Festival.

Festival takes place at 1723 East Fairmount Avenue in the Fells Point area of Baltimore

Festival takes place at 1723 East Fairmount Avenue in the Fells Point area of Baltimore