Film and Foodie Review: Chef

The Review: Chef is great little cooking film with some serious star power (Robert Downey Jr) for writer/director/actor, Jon Favreau.  He is the director of the Iron Man movies and co-star/writer of the 90’s classic film, Swingers.  His latest film is about a chef who has become stifled in his creativity while also recently dealing with the side effects of being a weekend parent to his son.  The ultimate crisis come for the chef when a food critic and popular blogger tweets his thoughts about his recent dining experience.  He also learns that his son refuses to play the part of a side order in his life.  And the rest of the adventure of this story unfolds from there.  No spoiler here,  check out this great little film.  Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey, Jr, John Leguizamo and Scarlett Johansson also star in Chef.

The Food:  The story takes place primarily in LA and Florida.    But it is in Florida that we watch the making of a Cuban Sandwich.  There is also multiple discussions about the opportunity to taste certain foods where the originate or gained reputation for authenticity.  We suggest making a Cuban sandwich and enjoying this film.  Click photo for recipe