Quick and Easy Workout for Busy Moms

As a working mother with a very demanding schedule and a child, working out on a regular basis seems to be an impossible task. In fact, trying to get enough sleep each day is challenging enough without having to think about hitting the gym or taking a yoga class, that is why I’m always looking for ways to be efficient while getting the most out of my hectic day. 

Leslie Sansone has a number of Walk at Home Work Outs timed at 15, 20 and 30 minutes to work out.  These videos have been watched millions of times and she has a great time of people in the Walk at Home team so find one for you.  Don’t say you don’t have 15 minutes to take care of yourself.   

See one of her videos

Taylor Kitsch & Fitness: A Canadian Iron Man

Scene From Friday Night Lights

Canadian Taylor Kitsch melts a lot hearts as a fullback on NBC’s Friday Night Lights but his true athletic background is on the ice.  Born in Kelowna, British Columbia and raised in Vancouver, Kitsch is a former ice hockey player for Canadian BCHL.  He played for the Langley Hornets before a career ending knee injury.  Do you think Kitsch will be excited about the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? We are guessing…yes. 

Fitness for Kitsch, did not stop with the injury or ending his role as an athlete on Friday Night Lights, the 28 year old never loss his devotion to fitness and health.  Before making it big, he became certified as a nutritionist and trainer.  His trade secrets to fitness is not really a secret.  Kitsch has gone on record to say, “displined eating and regular workouts.”  Moroever, he stays away from sugar and flour. 

He has graced the cover of Men’s Health and took time to discuss his support of fitness activities for kids.   Not just a man of words, Kitsch took part in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon which benefits the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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Article by Crystal A. Johnson

Vancouver Born Ryan Reynolds: Celebrity Fitness

His Background

No, his name is not Mr. Scarlett Johanssen but he was married to her.  Ryan Reynolds  is a Vancouver, Candian born actor increasingly rising in the ranks in Hollywood.  He has been on the scene for years with a humble beginning on Two Guys, A Girl and Pizza shop in the late 90’s.  However,  a high profile marriage and playing in a blockbuster film  opposite Sandra Bullock in The Proposal changes things. 

Ryan Reynold and Sandra Bullock -The Proposal

His Diet

His celebrity is not the only thing which has changed over the years.  Reynold’s diet and exercise regime changed as he prepared for roles in Blade Trinity and X-Men origins.   What worked for him in the diet department is eating every few hours.  It keeps the metabolism burning throughout the day.  According to bullyextreme.com, “Reynold diet consisted on clean and healthy foods.”  Egg whites and oatmeal were staples for Reynolds.  He also enjoys protein bars and protien shakes.  As for dinner, meals were prepared in advance and no carbs after 8PM.   This diet routine is not typical for Reynolds but he still works out as often as five days a week. 

To learn more about his diet and exercise routine plus check out more great pics of Ryan Reynolds, visit: http://munfitnessblog.com/how-to-build-body-like-ryan-reynolds/

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