Try a Food Oriented Fundraiser

Recently mentioned that I do missions trips and what comes with that is a need to raise money. Various nonprofit organizations, school clubs and more scratch their head on what to do.  Food oriented fundraisers can be among the most successful events.  Here are some ideas that I found to be lucrative and some other ideas which are helpful but may yield a lower return.

  • Recently, a group of fellow missionaries and I got together to make tamales and sell them. Over 500 tamales sold to make a great fundraising effort.
  • A few years ago I suggested to a friend that he should do Juneteenth Cookout. It proved to be  successful with Soul food menu items such as sweet potato pie, cornbread, chili, grilled food and more.  Set a price that is cost effective for you and know you financial demographic.

Fmr Soul Food Came Out For Juneteenth Charity Fundraiser

  • Comedy or music brunches are a great idea.  People love comedy/music and they love food put them together.
  • Sell Sunday Dinners to go. Especially in the summer months people don’t feel like cooking so they will be more than happy to buy a meal.
  • Look for Percentage Based Fundraiers. Some Companies/restaurants like Panda Express and Pamper Chef  offer 20% off sales receipts when asked to be involved in a fundraiser.  Pollo Campero offers Coupon Booklets for Fundraisers.

written by Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor & Chief