What Shines About Olympic Gymnast Gold Medal Winner Gabby Douglass

Let Your Dreams Take Flight
Gabby Douglass the 2012 London Olympics

Leave the child alone.  I really don’t want to give the gossip about Gabby Douglass hair shine time so let’s talk about what does shine about her.  She shows a commitment to excellence, hard work, and she helped the American women’s gymnastics team earn a gold medal.  She has accomplished what few in the world will ever do especially the petty people worrying about how much gel she has in her hair.  While others are watching their butts getting bigger sitting on couches watching TV and playing video games, this young lady exercises more in a week then many will do in a year.

If you agree say Amen or join the movement at Haters Need to Shut the Hell Up About Gabby Douglas Hair.  No, I would never say shut the hell up but I understand the sentiment of the folks that do. This is why we need not only to read Black History but we actually need to comprehend it.   This post will be revised in week with all mention of that issue removed because she deserves better.

 Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor

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