Rhythm and Food: Interview with Zydeco Musician from Princess and the Frog

terance simien
Terrance Simien is a Zydeco musician who performs on the Princess and the frog soundtrack.  The music called  Zydeco has been around for over 300 years.  When asked, “How do music and food go together?”  The  Lafayette, LA native shares the correlation between music and food in New Orleans.  Bottom line, he expresses that with out music and food New Orleans would not have tourism.  Stating, “They both bring people to Louisiana.” As for his favorite dish, gumbo containing shrimp, crab claws, sausage and more qualifies as his top pick.   ne of the top talents in zydeco music with a long family history in Louisiana,
Simien is a grammy award winner and featured performer on The Princess and the Frog soundtrack, due for release on November 24th. Simien’s energetic accordion lights up the song, “I’m Gonna Take You There” (written by Randy Newman). An accordion playing firefly named Ray performs the action on screen, beckoning his companion to join him “down the bayou.”
gumbo from Buds Cafe
(Featured in photoGumbo from Buds Cafe in San Diego)
Simien is creole and cites that his ethnicity is quite multi-cultural.  He is of French, African, Spanish, Native American & German descent.  Furthermore, he expressed his joy about the first Disney movie featuring an African Princess taking place in his home state and how tremendous this is to the people of the state of Louisiana.
*His next show is on December 5th at festival in Charlottesville, VA.
Article co-written by Erika L. Holmes and Crystal A. Johnson