King Day Events in the U.S.A

Martin Luther King Jr. is a direct reason as to why many of  us enjoy multi-culturalism.  Although often forgotten, Blacks were not the only ones involved in the march on Washington.  It was a collective movement of support for King to press through the barriers of racism toward the liberties we enjoy today not only in the Americas but the ripple effect touched the world. Some people percieve the observation of the holiday as an African American holiday only. Have you ever had a teacher or mentor of a different race become a catlyst of  inspiration in your life? Take a look at that best friend that you may have of a different race that you love like a brother or sister and know this holiday is truly a Multi-Cultural celebration. – Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor 

Photo Source: Library of Congress


Saturday January 16 Parade in Long Beach,CA: 10: 15 AM Martin Luther King Jr. Ave from 7th Street north to King Park, Festival to follow 12:30 to 5 pm.

Sunday January 17 Austin, TX MLK Celebration/17th Annual Keynote: Michael Eric Dyson Keynote speaker for more info visit:

Monday January 18 15th Annual Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service: 900 projects of community building throughout the area.  Find out how to get involved at

Monday January 18 MLK Community March at University of Texas:  For more info visit:

Monday January 18-The Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles : 10: 15 AM Martin Luther King Blvd & Western

January 20th Martin Luther King Convocation at Reitz Arena in Baltimore: 7 p.m. Film Director Spike Lee will speak.