Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Dinner Plate

Published: May 27, 2011

Whatever you do, don’t call it a pie chart.

The Obama administration is about to ditch the food pyramid, that symbol of healthy eating for the last two decades. In its place officials are dishing up a simple, plate-shaped symbol, sliced into wedges for the basic food groups and half-filled with fruits and vegetables.

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Healthy Diet Tips from Around the World for the New Year

Its a new year and many of us are feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the months ahead.  A common new years resolution is to lose weight and get in shape.  Part of that may include joining a gym or fitness group, and adopting new eating habits.  This year, why not try an entirely new approach to dieting by learning more about  the healthy eating habits from other cultures while exploring new and different cuisines that you may not have thought about otherwise.  Click here to learn more about healthy diets from around the world.

5 nutritious habits of the planet’s healthiest countries

If you’ve vacationed in an international destination, you know that learning about its food is one of the best ways to become familiar with a new culture. But lately, Americans have also taken greater interest in global cuisine because of health benefits attributed to certain styles of eating. READ MORE