The History of the Easter Basket

During the Lent season, many Christians believe you must give up something and fast until after Easter. The fast can include giving up meat, eggs, and dairy. The custom of having a large Easter supper represents the end of the Lenten fast. In more ancient times, this large feast was brought to the church in large baskets, hence the connection to treats in an Easter baskets today. This basket was blessed by the clergy much like the ancient Hebrews brought their first seedlings to the temple to be blessed.

So what about that Easter grass? This comes from the tradition of Dutch children waiting to deliver eggs on Easter Sunday. They would deposit these eggs in little bird’s nests much like the purple, yellow, or green plastic grass nests that can be found in modern Easter Baskets. This Easter as you order a special Easter basket for friends and family, you now know that you are participating in a tradition that been passed down for many thousands of years.