Dinner and a Movie at the Bungalow Club

Dinner and a Movie at the Bungalow Club
Monday usually means the start of the work week but at the Bungalow Club on Melrose, Monday means dinner and a movie night.  Independent films screen almost every monday in the Moroccan influenced semi-enclosed patio area.
 Filmmakers get to show their films for free and there is no cover charge for viewing.   It is great for the filmmaker because the audience is composed of more than friends and family.   The seating area holds approximately 150 people.  When I attended it was standing room only for the showing of two short films.
 The Bungalow club presents a great opportunity for guests to enjoy independent film, great drink specials and good food.  Great menu items include the Ahi Tuna and the Key Lime pie  martini.
Review by Crystal A. Johnson- Restaurant Critic for the Los Angeles Examiner and the Valley Scene Magazine

Hollywood After Dark: The Sweet Love Hangover Restaurant

sweet love hangover

The Sweet Love Hangover restaurant located on 6506 Hollywood Blvd is a trendy diner obviously meant for the late night party crowd.  With that in mind, everything about the place is appropriate for extending fun until 4 AM.  As I walked through the door, I couldn’t help but notice the patrons were all engaged in playing child hood games such as Connect Four and Scrabble.  The listings of games available to play has barely begun but I will spare you of a detailed listing for the exception of having to mention that Rockem Sockem is available for your pleasure. As for pleasing the palate, American comfort food with a twist is the predominant theme.

rockem sockem

Let’s face it, for reasons which are obvious many people want something heavy to eat after going to the club.  An ultimate comfort food available is the Mac & Cheese Times Four consisting of smoked Gouda, Parmesan, Asiago, Jack and a smattering of Pancetta.   Their take on the fave is creamy.  Although creamy is not my preference I must admit  their version of Mac & Cheese is flavorful.  My guest and I also dined on the Love Club sandwich which is  very good sandwich.  It includes turkey and avocado.  It is not too oversized like many club sandwiches tend to be.  The sandwich eating continues with the hamburger slider accompanied with sweet potato fries.  Our burgers were medium rare.  The slider has the hearty  taste of real beef not processed.  However, my vegetarian dining companion went off his normal diet to sample the burger and cites that he has had better burgers in his burger eating days.

The dessert of the night presented to us was the deep fried Twinkie.  I have to admit that I have been wanting to try the deep fried twinkie and deep fried Oreo for a number of years but have never gotten around to it.  The plating of the deep fried Twinkie is sophisticated with a generous dollop of whip cream and strawberries on the side of the plate.  First, I must state that I love this item is on the menu although I didn’t love the dessert.  My prejudice is that I don’t eat much fried food.  However, the dessert is a surprisingly sensual dish.  You have to order the dessert understand.

Now on to drinks…Well you have to read about that at: http://www.examiner.com/x-9408-LA-Comfort–Soul-Food-Restaurant-Examiner~y2009m11d7-Sweet-Love-Hangover-in-Hollywood-A-Great-Place-to-Hang-and-Eat

Review by Crystal Johnson-Restaurant Critic for the Los Angeles Examiner and the Valley Scene Magazine

Restaurant Review: Citizen Smith in Hollywood

citizen_smith(We Believe this Restaurant is Now Closed) During this recession people are looking for food which provides the comforts of home. Citizen Smith restaurant in Hollywood combines comfort with an imaginative menu. Located on Cahuenga and just below Hollywood Boulevard, this restaurant boasts of menu items reflecting southern style comfort food but there are some splendid choice exceptions.   When you walk through the doors you get a rustic yet chic feel.
There is a hip back outdoor lounge with couches. Candelabras fill the establishment, but let’s get back to the matter the food shall we?  Citizen Smith prides itself on the “Comfort Macaroni and Cheese.” What distinguishes the dish is the addition of jalapeño to the classic.   The flavor of the jalapeño permeates the dish without overwhelming it.  My guest, Chef Tachelle Lawson, was less than enthused, citing how roasting the jalapeño could have enriched the flavor.