Film and Foodie Review: BELLE


BELLE  is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode) and  enslaved African woman known as Maria Belle. . Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson), Belle’s lineage affords her certain privileges, yet her color prevents her from the traditions of noble social standing.  To take things at surface value just will not do. It is as if God takes the imperfect situation of illegitimacy and works it for the overall good.

Dido grows up alongside a first cousin of the same at who was probably so isolated and lonely the only thing she could do would be to welcome and love Dido. In the film we watch the bond and the timing for finding a suitor.  It seems Dido’s great uncle and aunt never envisioned she would find husband.  The didn’t want her to marry down in social standing and they never thought she could marry up.

The story of Dido Belle goes beyond the tragic mulatto but how the influence of being the niece of the Lord Chief Justice may have played a significant factor in helping to build the road to end slavery.

And yes, there is an enchanting romance in the story too.  No Spoiler, just go see the film to see how the love story plays out.



Food: When this hits dvd, it just scream movie and tea party with the ladies.   So grab your favorite type of scone, finger sandwiches and the very best tea then sit back enjoy the movie.   Check out our Tea and Garden Party menu.

Getting to know Mellody Hobson AKA Mrs. George Lucas


They have been an item for years  and the finally tied the knot in June 2013.  It is one thing be a steady but when one of the most influential and successful directors in Hollywood make you his wife then you catapult into the limelight.  What is noticeable first about this pair is that it is a union of older man and younger woman?   Or is it the union of African American female and American White male.  Maybe it is simply, that any woman that has the creator of the Star Wars universe  over the moon with love will have inquiring minds wanting to know about her.

The two met at a business conference in 2006. new Mrs. Lucas is quite a dynamic business woman.  A Vanity fair article cites impressive career.  Hobson is the president of a well-respected Chicago money-management firm called Ariel Investments. She’s a board member at Estée Lauder, Starbucks (where she chairs the audit-and-compliance committee), and DreamWorks Animation (where she chairs the entire board). For many years she was a contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America;she now works for CBS News and is on the boards of too many philanthropic organizations.

Obviously, Lucas found her beauty to more than skin deep.