Diddy and Lopez at Phillipe Chow Restaurant?

Let me stress the rumor mill has it that P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were spotted at Phillipe Chow’s restaurant in New York.  The Restaurant has locations including Miami, West Hollywood and  Jericho.  According to the Urbandaily.com “Last week, Diddy and JLo were spotted out on a date at Phillipe Chows. Diddy entered the restaurant and went to the private area, JLo followed 20 minutes later.”  There are other contradicting reports as to if the word date should be used.  

Nevertheless, we thought it was a good time to find out more about Phillipe Chow Restaurant.  The restaurant offers cooking classes.  The featured cuisine is

lettuce wrap

Chinese.   Among the highly acclaimed items on the menu are the Chicken Satay and Peking Duck.   The restaurants often are frequented by celebs.  – written by Crystal J, MCCN Editor

Website: phillipechow.com