Restaurant Review: Citizen Smith in Hollywood

citizen_smith(We Believe this Restaurant is Now Closed) During this recession people are looking for food which provides the comforts of home. Citizen Smith restaurant in Hollywood combines comfort with an imaginative menu. Located on Cahuenga and just below Hollywood Boulevard, this restaurant boasts of menu items reflecting southern style comfort food but there are some splendid choice exceptions.   When you walk through the doors you get a rustic yet chic feel.
There is a hip back outdoor lounge with couches. Candelabras fill the establishment, but let’s get back to the matter the food shall we?  Citizen Smith prides itself on the “Comfort Macaroni and Cheese.” What distinguishes the dish is the addition of jalapeño to the classic.   The flavor of the jalapeño permeates the dish without overwhelming it.  My guest, Chef Tachelle Lawson, was less than enthused, citing how roasting the jalapeño could have enriched the flavor.