Networks Struggle to Appeal to “Hispanics” Without Offending

Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara in ABC’s highly rated “Modern Family.” Ms. Vergara plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, a sexy Latina trophy wife.

The New York Times: Sofia Vergara is probably the most recognizable Hispanic actress working in English-language television. She is one of the stars of “Modern Family,” among the highest-rated scripted shows on network television, and she has parlayed her celebrity into commercials for brands like Pepsi and Cover Girl.

Despite her popularity, “Modern Family” is not a hit with Hispanic viewers. Out of its overall viewership of 12.9 million, “Modern Family” drew an average of only about 798,000 Hispanic viewers in the season. That audience accounts for only about 6 percent of the show’s viewers — less than half of what you might expect given the 48 million Hispanic television viewers that Nielsen measures. READ MORE