Film and Foodie Review: Jumping the Broom

The Film: Jumping the Broom is a witty, comical and oftentimes predictable movie about an African American couple that hail from two very different socio-economic backgrounds who get married in Martha’s Vineyard.  The focus is primarily on the weekend of the wedding—of course, but is filled with heartfelt, tender and soulful moments. The movie stars Paula Patton, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Laz Alonso.  (READ MORE)

Laz Alonso on Being Latino & Black in Hollywood

Laz, who says that being both Cuban and black has helped him get more roles in his career, says he’s proud to be black and proud to be Latino. “I have a Cuban influence from my ethnicity, so I feel 100 percent Cuban and 100 percent Black and nobody can take that away from me,” he says. “For me, playing an African American role is playing myself and playing a Latino role — I’m playing myself,” he explains.  ( MORE