Duolingo – The Best Language Learning App Not Enough People Know About

Who’s in the crowd people that heard for years how great Rosetta Stone was but never could quite find it to be in your budget priorities?

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Yes, me too.  Then along came and I do mean a long, long, long time later,  Duolingo to the rescue.  Duolingo is a learning app that is often compare to Rosetta Stone as a stiff competitor in quality yet like Wikipedia, Duolingo wants you learn language for free.   Yes, no cost to you.


Several languages are offered.   At this point more than I want to name.   You can practice on your phone, Ipad or computer.  You will build your vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and even you even have opportunity to work with people live.   Visit their website.  https://www.duolingo.com/

Written by Crystal A. Johnson