Canada Day Menu List

Maple Cake

Apple Maple Upside-down Cake

Canada Day is a nationwide celebration when Canadians commemorate their independence.  On July 1 1867, the British North America Act passed which allowed for Canada to become an independent entity within the British Empire.  In 1982, Canada gained full independence from the United Kingdom.  Today, Canada Day is celebrated by fireworks displays, festivals, picnics and great food.

Want to be a part of the celebration?  Canada Day by tantalizing taste-buds with these tasty options for Canada Day:

Apple Maple Upside-down Cake 

This delicious dessert is made with cake flavored with maple, cinnamon, sugar and apples.

Les Orielles de Cochon  

This French Canadian cuisine consists of crispy bread sweetened and fried to resemble pig ears.

Honey Apple Pancakes

This is a delicious pancake alternative that features apples and honey.

Chippewa Fried Bread

This is traditional Ingenious Canadian bread.

Dill Baked Salmon

Salmon baked with lemon juice, salt, onions, sour cream and dill.

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