Review of the The Grilled Cheese Truck

Erika and grilled cheese truck

Text from Erika to MCCN Editor, Crystal J- “Can’t believe I stood in line in what feels like 90 degree weather just to try The Grilled Cheese Truck! It better be good.SmileGrilled_Mac__Cheese_smaller

I tried the ‘Cheesy Mac’ (macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar……$5.50) & a half bag of tater tots ($1.75). I wasn’t quite sure what to think as I ate it…the jury’s still out. It’s an interesting concoction; basically a plate of mac-n-cheese between two pieces of bread.  The Mac & Cheese is creamy and adequately seasoned.  Not bad, but I felt like I should probably do a cleanse and work out afterwards!

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