To Shop or Not to Shop, Covid-19 Safety – Make Do With What You Have


As many of our essential workers grow ill.   It’s time to think again about whether you really need to go out that door or not.   This consideration is for their safety and yours.  It’s time for some of us to learn how to make do with what we have instead of running out to the store for every little thing.   It’s time to learn how to cook from scratch.  It’s time to freeze food.  It’s time to make leftovers more interesting.  Look up old family recipes.  Call family to learn how to make a recipe.  Explore how to use various spices.  Learn how to use those kitchen contraptions you never learned how to use.

Pre-Covid-19 lockdowns, published an article, Saving on Groceries – Make Do With What You Have.   In this this unprecedented time in history it requires self-control, creativity and for some of us gratefulness.

Control your trips to the store. Not only does it save on time and gas, but money too. You know you always buy more than the one item you needed.

Every once in a while, you might even try to skip a week and not go to the store. You will find that by doing this you are using up a lot of food that would have spoiled or gotten old.

Even if you run out of something like bread, see what you can use in its place. Maybe the kids will have to take soup and crackers in their lunches instead of sandwiches. They might find that is a nice change. I have been without milk and bread at the same time before and I was shocked at all I was able to create without either one of those. For example:

  • For breakfast – We had oatmeal, cream of wheat or scrambled eggs instead of cereal.
  • For lunch – Instead of sandwiches, we would have soup and crackers, a bowl of chili or cottage cheese and fruit.
  • For dinner – Instead of mashed potatoes (We had no milk to mash them), we would have boiled or baked potatoes, although in a real pinch I have used buttermilk or sour cream to mash my potatoes and both were yummy.