What Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat Has To Say

If you get past looking at her cup size, the sexy actress really has some things to say.  Just in case you don’t know her work, she is one of the top Bollywood actresses.  However, her road to stardom includes jumping over some hurdles.  In fact, she is estranged from her parents and family, who are very religious and don’t agree with Mallika working in the movies.

Quotes from Mallika:

“I have always wanted to be an actress. In spite of strong opposition from my orthodox family, I came to Mumbai in 2002 on completion of my graduation from Delhi University. In fact, I ran off from home to pursue my career. I knew my parents would never let me be an actress, so I had to take the bold step. However, I have a strong support from my kid brother Vikram, whom I love more than anything else in this world.”

“I would like to say I handle criticism well. In fact I enjoy reading the comments of the critics. It’s great to have critics blasting you all the time. It keeps you on your toes, spurs you, challenges you, makes you want to get better. I take everything positively. There’s so much to learn and do.” (Movie Mag International, September 2004)

On her film, The Myth (2005): I may not be here to titillate, but I am not sorry if I have that edge. People aren’t coming to the theaters to see me in a burqa”. (Movie Mag International, September 2004)

You can also see Mallika in an American romantic comedy  called the Politics of Love  co-starring Brian White.

MCCN caught up with her at the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles- SEE VIDEO