Combatting Teen Obesity

AP Photo by Chris Pizzello

The movie Precious has garnered the attention of the Golden Globes and the NAACP Image Awards.  Despite tackling many hard and unfortunate issues there is a glaring problem for the lead character, obesity.  If you’ve seen the movie obesity truly is the least of her problems but it presents a great opportunity to begin a dialogue about the risks of being overweight. 

The moment Precious runs down the street with a bucket of chicken is a LOL moment but overall that kind of diet is not a laughing matter.  She may have been hungry but a whole bucket of chicken is indulgent.  What is the deeper issue?  Is she seeking comfort in food?  Is it a temporary euphoria which doesn’t solve anything?

The famous Mayo Clinic has some pointers for parents on how to handle this topic with teens.  Please check out the Mayo clinic link which is very detailed but here are some important points:

  • Have a heart to heart
  • Dispute unrealistic images
  • Resist quick fixes
  • Promote activity
  • Suggest breakfast

Check out the more detailed info at:

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Article by Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor