Van Nuys, CA: Review of Salsa & Beer


With more than one location to prove it’s popularity is Salsa & Beer.  Person after person has told me that they love this place.  Every time that I have tried to go there have been long lines.  On an usually rainy day, the parking lot was full but I finally got the chance to go and I was underwhelmed.  I am not saying by any means that the food was bad but considering the long lines and all the talk, I thought this is going to be great.  Soup from Salsa and Beer

I started with a soup and just to be authentic I ordered a horchata.  Both were good.  Tthe soup was full of vegetable.  The price list is very reasonable.  If I recall most items don’t exceed $15 bucks and there are lots of specials.  My friend has been there several times and he suggested that we his regular, the shrimp chimichanga.  Note, a chimichanga is something that I would never order.  With all fairness.  My experience was okay.  If some asked to me to go again then I would say, “alright.”  I would just order something that looks desirable to me and maybe I will be more pleased.

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Northridge CA: Review of Kickin KAsian

san and shirley

A top foodie, yelper Shirley Dabit is a fan of this spot.

It’s worth kicking it at Kickin Kasian located in the CSUN friendly section of Northridge on Reseda Blvd.  It is a fun atmosphere for feasting on a variety seafood boiled or fried from crawfish to shrimp to crabs to clams to catfish.  It is all there.  I ordered the clams but everyone else at ordered the prawn.  If you are an East coaster missing the taste of Old Bay seasoned crabs, this place will actually do to help with that fix a bit.  Expect to spend about $20 per person for a half pound of shrimp, order of fries and a drink(sodas, lemonade or Arnold Palmer). Other drinks include a variety of beer choices and Thai iced tea.   Alternate side orders include corn on the cob, fried ocra and sweet potato fries.

Prepare to get messy.  I was a doubter but the seafood comes soaked in bag of flavorful marinade seasoning so the bibs you see in the photos are necessary.  Your face is likely to get a bit messy too.

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