Mediterranean Medley: How to Make Hummus


Michelle Karam hosts Mediterranean Medley.  On her first webisode, she prepares hummus.   Michelle is of Armenian descent and her culture very much influences her passion for cooking.

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Official Launch of Multi Cultural Cooking Network’s Home Nov 25th

Check us out Tomorrow as we launch our official website.  Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere.   Look for the latest news and for our original programming from Mediterranean Cuisine to Asian to be featured at our home at  We will also have holiday specials. Other highlights of our new home include the google translator.  Read our content in just about any language.  Tell all your friends. 

 Coming soon, behind the scenes photos from our original programs ( Mediterranean Medley, Asian Express and the Holiday Special) featured here at the blog.    The photos are guaranteed to  make you hungry! 

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