Cookbook Spotlight: Sabores Yucatecos -Spanish Version

Chef Gilberto(L) with Chef Angel at tasting of Sabores Yucatecos Cookbook recipes.

Chef Gilberto(L) with Chef Angel at tasting of Sabores Yucatecos Cookbook recipes.

Chef Gilberto Centina , owner the Los Angeles restaurant Chichen Itza presents his new cookbook Sabores Yucatecos, the Spanish version.   An English version of the book was published first. The acclaimed cookbook won the First Place Award for Best Cookbook in the Latino Literacy Now’s 2013 International Latino Book Awards. The English version was the first cookbook written of it’s kind with a focus on cuisine of the Yucatan.

Chef Gilberto was born and reared in Tizmin located in the Yucatan of Mexico. As a kid he grew up helping his mom prepare delicious meals. The inspiring aromas woke up passion for cooking. However, as an adult Chef Gilberto sought work and successfully began working in engineering but the passion for cooking was still there. Eventually, he moved to the United States and began working in the culinary industry perfecting his abilities in the culinary arts. In 2001 he open his restaurant Chichen Itza.


MCCN’s editor and I have both gotten the opportunity to taste the spectacular cuisine of Chef Gilberto. We hope your attempt at trying the recipes from Sabores Yucatecos allows you to truly experience Chef Gilberto’s creativity and richly flavorful food.


Written by Chef Angel Marquez.

Yoplait: Save Lids & Save Lives



For 20 years Yoplait has played a part in women’s health and well-being, promoting heart health, osteoporosis prevention and general fitness. But because breast cancer is a threat to the health and happiness of all women,  the contribution – and your help – feel especially critical.


To date, Yoplait, its parent company General Mills and its Foundation have donated more than $18 million to the breast cancer cause over the past 9 years. Here’s what we’re doing:


This is the twelth Save Lids to Save Lives program to date. With the lids you collect, we support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and its efforts to eradicate breast cancer, and move closer to our donation goal of $1.5 lid

But it’s not just about what the money can do for research and treatment. It’s about an opportunity for all of us to work together toward our common goal. Join Yoplait in the fight
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