Mexican Wine Growing Regions

Ignorance is not bliss in my book. Knowledge is so much better.  Did you know about the Mexican Wine Industry?  Okay, fine you did but admittedly I never really thought about it.  Tequila seems to overshadow all alcoholic beverages but Mexico has a long history of wine production beginning with the Spanish nearly 500 years ago.  Today, Mexican wine can be found in at least 38 countries around the world.  The industry is growing rapidly.  Below are some interesting facts about the wine industry in Mexico.- Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

Excerpt From The Wine Report

.“What is so fantastic about the Mexican wine growing regions is that the vineyards are easy to access on day trips from Ensenada, with time to return each evening to hone wine and food pairing skills at one of the many great restaurants,” says Al Boyce, who for the better part of three decades has visited and studied the northern Baja peninsula. Wine production in Mexico almost exclusively comes from three areas in the northern part of Baja, California, near the Mexican city of Ensenada



Boyce notes that progress of every kind is apparent in the region. Good roads and highways, better education, improved economy and first-class hotels and restaurants exceed the demands of the most seasoned traveler. While recent improvements push back the once shoddy image of many Mexican industries, the Baja Peninsula’s heritage has not been forsaken by developers. Everything from architecture to local culture remains distinctly Mexican. But perhaps the most impressive chapter in this success story is the wine. For more info Read The Wine Report