6 Household Safety Tips Regarding Electricity From Midlothian Electric

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Appliances in today’s modern kitchens can do more for cooks and preparers than ever before. These appliances, like other electrical devices in your home, need to be operated safely and respectfully in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines. As more and more electrical appliances in our homes become necessities, our home’s power circuits will grow more overloaded. This puts you and your family at risk for a service call from your friendly neighborhood electrician, or you heroic fire department. To ensure you don’t have a potential safety hazard brewing in your kitchen, Midlothian Electric Company suggests you follow these important safety tips:

1. Unplug kitchen appliances, like toasters and coffeemakers, when you’re not using them, and never allow appliances like a stove or microwave to remain running when you leave home.
2. Never use a fork, knife, or other metal object that conducts electricity to clean debris from “live” kitchen appliances such as toasters and toaster ovens. For routine cleaning, make sure these appliances are unplugged before you clean their internal parts.
3. Avoid using electricity near water and other liquids. Clean up all spills in or around an electrical appliance after making sure the power supply has been disconnected. Never submerge an appliance or its electrical cord or plug in water or any other liquid.
4. Install a sufficient number of GFCIs in your kitchen. GFCIs are designed to prevent shock hazards by interrupting power if electrical current leaks from a damaged cord or appliance or comes in contact with water.
5. Always check your kitchen appliances for damaged cords or plugs before you use them. Contact with a faulty or frayed power cord or a broken appliance can cause electric shock. If an appliance malfunctions or appears to be damaged in any way, disconnect it from the power outlet and have it repaired or replaced right away.
6. Never let power cords or plugs dangle over the edge of counters or come in contact with hot surfaces. Dangling cords are a danger to small children who might pull them. Kitchen appliances should never be placed near a hot gas or electric burner.