The Mimosa- The Perfect Daytime Event Drink

Invented in France, the Mimosa is a cocktail-like drink composed of one part dry champagne (or other sparkling wine) and one partmimosa thoroughly chilled orange juice. It is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute with a morning brunch, wedding and would be great for garden parties.

MCCN thought we would explore idea of a Virgin Mimosa. Check out this great cocktail recipe from

1. Champagne + Orange Juice | Orange peel garnish 2. Muddled Peaches and Brown Sugar + Orange Juice + Champagne | Peach and Orange spiral garnish 3. Muddled Blueberries and Organic Sugar + Lemonade + Champagne | Organic sugar rim and additional blueberries 4. Champagne + Splash of Lime Juice + Grapefruit Juice | Grapefruit wedge and Lime splice for garnish