Taste and See: Taste of Mexico 2020


The 2020 Taste of Mexico appeals to all five senses with cuisine and libations from each of the 32 Mexican states, and three music stages, comedy pavilion, live art, Spirits Awards, contests y mas!

For information visit www.thetasteofmex.com.

MCCN has attended the event repeatedly over the years and it is worth checking out.  See Video our past coverage:



8 Ways to Eat Avocado at Breakfast


Two years ago, Health.com did an article on 8 ways to eat avocado at breakfast.   They wanted to stretch your imagination beyond avocado toast.   Avocado is extremely nutritious.   It’s an excellent source of “healthy” monounsaturated fats, and a great way to get your fiber. It’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. From a taste perspective, of course, it’s a delight: Silky and unctuous, with that delicately sweet flavor, it melts in the mouth unlike any other food.

Let’s explore 8 ways to eat avocado at breakfast or for that matter any time of the day:

1. Avocado-chocolate smoothies

Wrap your head around this: You can combine kale, avocado, and cacao in a blender for a chocolatey avocado smoothie. Here’s how to do it.

2. Bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and red onion

Avocado works just as well as smoked salmon—or go for both!—on a bagel. Definitely toast the bagel; cool, creamy avocado is a dream against toasty bagel. (We’re partial to everything bagels for an extra wallop of flavor.)

3. Chilaquiles

Any time you have leftover Mexican food, whether it’s a half torta or a pile of spicy black beans, consider adding avocado. The fruit—yep, it’s a fruit!—pops up throughout Mexican cuisine for a reason. This chilaquiles recipe is an excellent way to use up extra tortillas, and chicken delivers a kick of protein.






What’s in Store MCCN and Beyond?

Multi-Cultural Cooking Network has covered a wide variety of topics over the years.   As we embark on our 10th year, we want to find ways to streamline and improve.   So over the course of the next year, much of our entertainment focus on culture will shift to a new blog called Colorstream Media.   On the blog, you will find the world of media in color.    And then the new blog called Being Cultured expands from the concept of Being Cultured as a Eurocentric concept.   Being Cultured focuses on Etiquette, fashion, educating about different cultures, theatre and some film among the subjects.

So at times, we will reblog from those sites in moderation so you know where to find those topics.   At Multi-Cultural Cooking Network, we want to focus on Food.    What categories keep and hope to bring back?  We will keep food history, recipes, and healthy living.   We will shift from reviewing restaurants to spotlight on restaurants.   Travel topics will be narrowed down to the food scene.   Travel, in general, will move to Being Cultured.   We plan to bring back our original programming videos.   We plan to go back covering festival and maybe even asking celebs about their favorite foods while on the red carpet.

We believe you will enjoy the changes and the two new blogs.

Like our blog, you can find a Facebook presence for Being Cultured and Colorstream Media. 

Van Nuys, CA: South African Cuisine at Springbok Bar & Grill


Springbok Bar brings the tastes of South Africa to Van Nuys, CA.  This restaurant is a diamond in the rough.  It is unassuming and near by the Woodley Lake Golf Course.  My dining companion and I had no idea what to expect.   But when I opened the menu, way too many things looked great.

You may think the menu does jump all over the place with style of cuisine and you will notice a heavy amount of Indian cuisine on the menu.   That is in part because South Africa has a large Indian population and the food of India has been embraced in South Africa as if it were it’s own.

Well, I enjoyed South African style samosas.  The were large and packed with flavor.  And I also enjoyed my fish and chips.   Both had a delight salad of arugula, diced tomato and drizzled with it seemed a mustard dill dressing.   Everything was delish.    Check out this spot.17952724_10154788537041865_1360519580176186704_n


On many days they have live entertainment from comedy to trivia to jazz and they often showing a variety of sports giants screens.

MCCN Interview with La Nina del Mezcal interview

Interview from 3rd Annual Taste of Mexico:

Dave Miller: How did you get into doing Mezcal?

Cecilia:  Well um, kind of a long story but just to put it short… It was a trip that I took to Oaxaca about four or five years ago and the it was the first time I was there taking in the culture, taking in the people and the taste of Mezcal.  It occurred to me that people in Mexico were not appreciating it as they should so I started going back to Oaxaca and learning about Mezcal.  It is very extensive.  And then I started writing about it.  And that’s how the blog started and people started calling me la nina del Mezcal.  (Watch Interview for more)


NBA Star Ray Allen to Open 1st Organic Fast-Food Restaurant on East Coast

Two-time NBA champion Ray Allen and his wife Shannon Allen, are in the process of opening a chain of organic fast food restaurants. The name of the fast food chain is “Grown” and their first one will be located in Miami, FL.  READ MORE


Tavern on the Green’s ‘new’ chef Jeremiah Tower puts tourist Mecca back on track.


Legendary California chef Jeremiah Tower has taken over the kitchen at Tavern on the Green, which wants to be more than a place you take your grandma.


There’s a fresh cook at Tavern on the Green — and he’s 72.

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