Downtown Brooklyn: Review of Sofia’s Cart

Sofia at cart

Sofia at her cart.

Boy do I hate to copy Food Network with this line but “The best sandwich I ever had…”came on a unsuspecting day when I went to meet the owners ofBrooklyn Cupcakes. We decided to meet at a Starbucks on the corner of Court St in downtown Cart_smallerBrooklyn.  I was walking across the street when a street vendor caught my attention.  I simply asked to take a photo and happened to mention that I was restaurant critic.  The owner Sofia, a petite Greek woman began to make gyro for me and also a chicken rice dish.  I noticed the menu is price friendly.  Most items average about $5 bucks or less.

As the food was being prepared, I  chatted with her son, a culinary student who hopes to take the business to new heights one day.  Because Sofia does not speak much English, her son shared her story of how she got into the business that she has been doing for over 20 years.  For sixteen years Sofia, has been a staple sighting on the corner.  Trying to put food on the table for her kids is how she began feeding probably thousands of New Yorkers over the years. Like Paula Deen’s story her sons would help their mother with the business.


The best sandwich I ever had is the Sofia’s gyro comprised of tender marinated lamb meat over flowing on pita bread.  Ecstasy explodes in your mouth.

The New York Food Scene from Fine Dining to Street Food

Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Once, I watched a documentary revealing the perception of  many people from all over the world in regards to the United States.  The conclusion is there is New York and then there is the rest of the United States. No place is quite like the fashion, food and cultural capital.    Those

photo by

Yankees,  the smell of pretzels on the streets of Manhattan, bagels, pizza, the Appollo and course that accent help to make New York one of the stand out places in the world.

Street Food and Pizza Shops:

As a New Yorker who happens to live in Los Angeles, I fondly recollect some of the food of New York especially the street food and pizza shops.  The zeppola, jamaican beef pattie and thin crust pizza are classic New York to be found in Italian Pizza shops.  Shisk ka bobs, and hot roasted nuts add flavorful scent to brisk New York air.

Fine Dining:

Moreover, New York is known for having the best restaurants in the world such as Tavern on the Green, Union Square Cafe, The Russian Tea Room, The Rainbow Room and more.

Tavern on the Green

Best Neighborhoods for dining:

*The East Village and Williamsburg in Brooklyn are considered among the best neighborhoods to dine.

Article by Crystal A. Johnson