About the Cities of Super Bowl 2010: Indianapolis

The Colts are in the Super Bowl so the city deserves the spotlight.   Of course, Peyton Manning helped to lead the team to the Big Game in Miami.  Ironically, Manning will play the team(The Saints) which represents the city of his birth, New Orleans.

Natives in Indiana

Native Americans who lived in the area included the Miami and Lenape (or Delaware) tribes, who were removed from the area by the early 1820s.

Naming the City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis was selected as the site of the new state capital in 1820. While most American state capitals tend to be located in the central region of their respective states, Indianapolis is the only capital to be in the exact center of its state.  Jeremiah Sullivan, a judge of the Indiana Supreme Court, invented the name Indianapolis by joining Indiana with polis, the Greek word for city; literally, Indianapolis means “Indiana City“.  The city was founded on the White River under the incorrect assumption that the river would serve as a major transportation artery; however, the waterway was too sandy for trade.

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