Eggs Over Not-So-Easy

BY  Irving Dejohn

This food gives new meaning to the term early bird special.

Long Island City restaurant Ihawan 2 was the location for the fifth installment of the “Quirkiest Cuisines in Queens,” where I explore the borough looking for its most unusual cuisine.

The restaurant allows customers to put in an advanced request for a off-menu item that might be mistaken for a simple hard-boiled egg if its shell was never cracked.

But balut, a snack found in the Philippines, is far stranger upon further inspection. Inside the shell is a partially developed duck embryo that has been incubating for two weeks

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Watch Jo Koy refuse to eat balut

*some strong language

Comida China: Morisqueta Tostada History & Recipe

Comida China

This dish is typical of what is known in the Philippines as Comida China: Chinese dishes with Spanish names. Both the Spaniards and the Chinese were a very strong presence in the Philippines during the colonial days from the 16th to the early 20th century. When the Chinese opened the first restaurants knows as panciterias, Spanish was the language of commerce, hence the dishes acquired Spanish names.-(


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