Raising Adventurous Eaters

Children are imitators and love to do what mommy and daddy do; so why not teach your children to be adventurous eaters? Some children are very picky eaters and often times will grow out of that, but for those that are not so picky here are some tips to opening up a whole new world to their taste buds.

1. Add international spices and flavors to some of their favorite foods.

As a child I loved all foods however if my mom gave me a choice I would loudly proclaim HAMBURGERS. If it was up to me I would eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and like me most kids have their favorite foods. For the one dish lover try adding a different condiment. Instead of ketchup on a hamburger try barbeque sauce or use different types of cheeses instead of yellow cheese. Make sure you also make their favorite just in case they don’t like the new dish. Be mindful not to use spicy condiments or anything mildly hot, take small steps not giant leaps on this journey.

2. Cook together.,

Children love spending time with mom and dad, and before they realize that cooking is work they actually enjoy it. Use this time to bond with your children and introduce them to new foods. Break out the cook book, let them wear little aprons, allow them to get their hands dirty in the flour or cracking eggs, whatever the dish let them be a part in creating it. When everything is finished make a big deal out of it, name the dish after the child, take pictures and hang it on the fridge or post on your social media site. They will be more open minded to trying new dishes when they see how excited you are.

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