About Chilean Actor Christián de la Fuente

If there’s a Chilean Coal Miner’s movie, who does not want to see Christian de la Fuente all hot and dirty. That did not come out right… The actor has international appeal from telanovelas to Dancing With the Stars. These days you can see him playing a doctor on ABC’s Private Practice.

Yes, he is tall, dark and handsome but he is smart too. He studied engineering in college in Chile. His dad was a chemist. We’ve got another adjective to describe this star, courageous. Cristián de la Fuente is an officer in Chile’s Air Force reserve (lieutenant). READ MORE

An American Cancer Society Event At Spago’s With Private Practice Cast


With recent deaths of beloved celebrities Farrah Fawcett and Patrick Swayze, it is easy to understand why the American Cancer Society prides itself on being the official Sponsor of Birthdays.  Last Week the Shonda Rhimes and the stars of Private Practice gathered at Spagos to support the American Cancer Society.  (Read the story with commentary from Tim Daly and Kade Strickland)


Diverse Talent of Private Practice Blows out B-day Cake!

Private Practice Cast Blows about B-day Cake

by Crystal A. Johnson

At an American Cancer Society event, the slogan of the night was, “The Official Sponsor of Birthdays.”  Celebs shared with the Multi Cultural Cooking Network what their ideal birthday dinner would be.  Stay tuned for that info on our official website. 

The cast and series creator Shonda Rhimes (wearing black and in the center) blow out the candles of a delectable looking chocolate cake at Spagos.  The Cocoa Cake with Pudwill Farms Red Raspberries and Valrhona Chocolate Pearls. Designed by Spago Executive Pastry Chef Sherry Yard.  Believe me, the photo does no justice!

See Video of KaDee Strickland, Kate Walsh and Tim Daly making birthday wishes.