Best Pot Roast-Hill Street Cafe in Burbank, CA

Hill Street Cafe is on the northern part of Glen Oaks Blvd just before you say goodbye to Burbank yet this is a restaurant where families should say Hello. The menu has a wide variety of choice that please any picky kid. And I couldn’t help but think that this is the type of spot where I would bring my 89 year old grandmother. The place screams family friendly. My guest remarks, “the place looks like a former Denny’s”. Don’t hold the architecture against the place, you will be coming for the food. There is also humor to the menu with items such as Chili Spaghetti, pot roast sandwich and listing of various cobbler which rival Bubba’s list of Shrimp from Forest Gump. My dining companion and I start with the sampler from the appetizer menu. It includes hearty large onion rings, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and fried zucchini. If you are a fried food lover you will probably enjoy this. However, the flavor is rather bland. There seems to be an absence of salt. Hill Street Cafe seems to have a senior citizen crowd. Thus, they may be mindful salt. I also order the chile fries, classic diner fair. This reminds of the chile fries I use to eat at popular comfort food spot called Cafe Hon in Baltimore, Maryland by way of Hamden. Onion and cheese can be added to the order. For the main course, I have the pot roast. This did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. The owner told me that the meat would be so tender that I would not need a knife. In my mind, I thought…yeah right. I loved this dish. It will bring me back to Hill Street Cafe. The slices of tri-tip marinated so well and served with gravy. Two additional people ate the remnants of my goodie bag of pot roast and loved it. The dish comes with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. It truly is a family style entree. My guest tried the turkey Philly. It is flavorful but we both agree that it is a little dry. All in all, it is a good sandwich.

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Article by Crystal Johnson, Restaurant Critic for the Los Angeles Examiner and the Valley Scene Magazine

Best spots for Dessert in Los Angeles: Part One

Dessert is certainly the sweetest taboo in a weight conscious town such as Los Angeles but alas we all surrender at some point.    And boy do we tend to surrender during the holidays.  If you aren’t good at making desserts from scratch or you can’t make it home for grandma’s best fixins’ then stopping at these selected restaurants below may do the job.   The Los Angeles Comfort and Soul Food Examiner presents the best desserts in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Top Dessert Restaurant HonorsMs.  Peaches located in North Hollywood gets top billing for having the best desserts.  They have a wide range of desserts to please almost any dessert lover.  My favorite dessert at the establishment are the Gooey Butter Cake and the Banana Pudding which is only served on the weekends is an absolute must have.  Gooey Buttercake has a bottom layer of buttery yellow cake and a top layer of either of egg and cream cheese, or butter and sugar.  Ms. Peaches also gets nods for their very homemade tasting Red Velvet Cake and Sweet Potato pie.

red velvet

Banana Split: Cool off with a Banana Split at Granville Cafe in Downtown, Burbank.  The Banana Split is a sharable dessert for two or three people. The bananas are brulee’d. The dessert also consists of hand crafted Tahitian vanilla, dark chocolate and black  chip ice cream, Port-poached cherries, caramel and Kahlua chocolate sauce with whipped cream and pecan brittle.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte: Ladies, if you have chocolate cravings and you don’t want to feel like a kid because you want a peanut butter cup.  Market City Cafe located in Downtown Burbank ups the ante on the comfort snack favorite with their divine chocolate peanut butter torte.

Bourbon Bread Pudding: Les Sisters located in Chatsworth offers a bread pudding which is drunk with flavor.

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Review by Crystal Johnson- Restaurant Critic for the Los Angeles Examiner and Valley Scene Magazine