The New Karate Kid

A few years ago, I found out that a new Karate Kid was in the works.  Like any die hard fan of the original films starring Ralph Macchio, I was not happy about this until I saw a glimpse of hope in the trailer.  The film looks stylish and ready to please the people that were in high school when the original hit theaters in 1984.  Now, The Karate Kid is coming to theaters for a new generation and with some serious star power including Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson, Jackie Chan and  the new Karate Kid is Jaden Smith (Son of Wil and Jada Pinkett Smith).  The story takes place in China.  The trailer shows some innovations to classic scenes from the series of  The Karate Kid including the famous chopsticks scene.  Visit  for the history of the chopsticks. – Crystal Johnson MCCN Editor & Film Critic