Nicaragua: Baho Recipe

If there is one thing that I learned about the Nicaraguan culinary scene, plantains are a rich part of the culture. In my case I was served thinly sliced plantain chips often but with a little digging I found a Nicaragua standby recipe which called for a sweeter, thicker slice and softer texture in preparation.

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  • 2 kg of beef ( cecina )
  • 2 kg of yuca
  • 6 ripe platano
  • 3 green platano
  • 3 kg leave of platano
  • 2 cup of bitter orange juice
  • 4 garlic clove
  • ¼ kg of onion
  • ½ kg of tomato
  • 4 green pepper (chiltomas)
  •  ½ kg of salt
  • ½ cabbage chile vinegar


Cut the meat in 3 cm wide streeps, add 1 kg of salt and lay it behind the sun during 1 day.  – Wash well the meat to get off the salt and put the meet in a saucepan with the bitter orange juice , garlic, onion and pepper then wait une more day. – Put in the bottom of a big saucepan some wood or metal strips and cover the suocepan wall with the leaves, be carafull about no holes are keeping between the leaves. – Put into the yuca, green platano, ripe platano, the meat, salt and pepper. Put leaves to plug the soucepan to cook all with steam. All will be ready in 2 hours and half. – While the meat are cooking make the cabbadge, onion and tomato ensalade.

Note: If the water finish before 3 hours, add a little more to prevent the vegetable get burn. After 3 hours open the saucepan ad taste if the vegetable are well done (the platano get a red color). Put the meat and the vegetable in a dish with the ensalade on top.