Towson, MD: Review of Mo’s Seafood

If there is one restaurant Baltimore is known for it is Mo’s Seafood. recently the popular restaurant has opened a new location in Towson, MD complete with a tiki bar.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get to enjoy it during the winter.  But it has a nice warm decor and environment.

Spending my  holiday in Maryland,  I had to have my Maryland fix of crab cake.  Well,  I settled for crab balls.  And confess,  I  didn’t have them fried I had them broiled.   With a few days after Christmas, I was calorie conscious.  To compliment my crab balls, I had hard cider along with it. Maryland is a real bar town.  I learned this from 13 years o living their starting in college.  if you’re doing the tourist thing, I suggest checking out the location in downtown Baltimore.  The Towson location is open from 10 AM to 2 AM.


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Review of Massachusett’s Eatery- Mandarin Westboro

Citizen report from one of our facebook page fans by the name of Vanessa LaBranche.  “I  live in western Massachusetts and love “Mandarin Westboro” Truly authenticCitzen report Asian cuisine. Price is middle range and the atmosphere is upscale. This dish is “Kung Pao Shrimp.”


Pizza, Bear Hug, Yelp and the President- ¿Que Pasa?

The Presidential bear hug gone viral

It’s one of those viral things and yes we are going along with crowd.  I noticed MCCN Food & Culture Editor Catrina Sally, a very political woman posted on Facebook about a pizzeria getting trashed because of a President Obama visit.  There is so much wrong with this story.  Politics aside, do we have to trash a business owner’s reputation for food because in his excitement of a once in a lifetime Presidential visit he gives the President a startling bear hug?  I am thinking that move was not approved by the secret service.  Moreover, the reason for the visit is because owner  of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant Scott Van Duzer has been doing good for the community, ay yay, yay.  Yes, Van Duzer has a foundation which hosted blood drives for patients in St. Lucie County, Florida.

There is a silver lining to this story,  according to the New York Daily News,  “As of Tuesday morning, more than 100 reviews had been removed for violating the site’s content guidelines.”  The site gone wrong episode happened on Yelp.  For minute there we are sure restaurant owner may have wanted to the change the words of the Beatles tune to “Yelp, I need somebody. Yelp!”  -Crystal A. Johnson

Read more about the story at the Daily News:

Closed: New York’s eXo Greek Mediterranean

In the mood for some good, no some great Greek Mediterranean food? Then look no further than eXo Greek Mediterranean Restaurant nestled in a quaint Whitestone New York neighborhood. eXo is a very young restaurant, they first opened their doors in August of 2010 and they have been busy ever since. I first experienced a small sampling of what eXo had to offer at the Queens A Taste of the World back in May. The restaurant boasts of traditional Greek recipes but with a flare.

In my correspondence with Chef Constantine Kalandranis, affectionately known as Chef Costa, I was instructed to come hungry, my response? I promised to wear my eating pants. With all the food we were treated to I should have worn my eating overalls. men from exo

We kicked off the tasting with fresh pita (which they make themselves) and all five spreads which included spicy feta, eggplant, skordalia, hummus, and tsatziki. From the mild to the spicy this appetizer was a gateway to the other flavors we were about to experience. Soon to follow was a traditional horitatiki tomato salad, kefalotiri cheese stuffed meatballs, hand cut potato chips, and a souvlakia trio of chicken, steak, and pork skewers. Told you I needed to put on my eating overalls.

Not much of a carnivore? don’t worry eXo has a meal for that.sauteed tiger shrimp With ingredients such as capers, white wine, and fresh cut herbs the Sautéed Tiger Shrimp, the Pan Seared King Salmon, and the Steamed mussels Kaliopi are all to die for.

food from exo

Although I was stuffed I had to experience eXo’s dessert, if the meal was that good I had to push towards the dessert (don’t judge me.) I indulged on warm rizogalo (rice pudding), my favorite yogurt and greek honey syrup, and galaktoboureko. seafood from exo
I definitely plan on revisiting eXo restaurant many times in the future and you should too. My only warning to you…wear your eating pants. Don’t forget to mention that you read it on the Multi Cultural Cooking Network.


eXo Greek Mediterranean Restaurant

Where: 15-16 149th St.

Whitestone, NY 11357

718-767-4-EXO (718-767-4396)



Winterlicious: Toronto Restaurant Week

Toronto’s Winterlicious is a great excuse to get out of the kitchen and into the dining rooms of 150 Toronto restaurants, including some of the best ethnic and international venues in the city.

This year’s Winterlicious will run from January 29th to February 11, 2010 and offer three-course prix fixe menus ranging from $15-25 for lunch and $25-45 for dinner. The following is a partial list of the many fine restaurants participating in a winter wonderland of bargain-priced dining. Read More at Winterlicious

Review by Heather Zorzini, Toronto Ethnic Restaurants Examiner

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