Las Vegas Restaurants: Review of Florida Cafe Cuban Bar & Grill


When you are in Vegas and you want to grab a bite to eat and maybe even dance, check out the Florida Cafe Cuban Bar and Grill.  From the outside, it is not much to look at and in the inside isn’t modern but the food is worth raving about.  My dining partner and I order classic Cuban menu items like the Cubano sandwich and Ropa Vieja.  The Cuban Sandwich is sort of like a Panini and it comes with plantain chips.  I had the shredded chicken style of Ropa Vieja with Cristianos y moros as my side dish.


Both of our meals were satisfying.  I also order the Cuban.  If you don’t know what that is then expect a small expresso type size cup of coffee.  It was strong enough to keep me going and the flavor, “Que Rico.”