Film and Foodie: The Revenant


The Film: Well, it is a bloody good movie.  It takes you into a beautifully cold world.  It is a picture chronicles our not so distance past and the American/European fur trading business.  What was the cost of fur in exchange for lives?   In The Revenant we follow the story of fur trapper Hugh Glass.   The semi-biographical story follows the main character trying to survive.  The now famous bear scene makes you wonder how did post production do it?   Like  Mad Max Fury Road it is the kind of visual story telling that bring back credence as why you spend the extra money to sit in a movie theater rather settling for watching it on TV, laptop or phone.   Those mediums albeit great to have will never do what the movie theater experience can.  Isn’t it splendid that we may be moving in the a realm of film making warrants our expensive tickets.

It is a pretty linear  and somewhat predictable in what the end goal.  The director expands the survival story with embellishment such as Glass having a Native American wife and bearing a son with her.  This is not true but exacting revenge withe motivation of it not just be about me but you killed my blood widens the audience empathy for the character.  The trailer tells you in a nutshell

Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy in the Trailer for "The Revenant"

Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy in the Trailer for “The Revenant”

what is going to happen.    The treat is getting to see  Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy play opposite each other as enemies.  They are both top of the line actors.  They are both close friends in real life and really work well together for on screen chemistry the brilliantly layered by both.  The two have worked together before in the hit film Inception: however I think this film may solidify seeing this duo work together more.  One week after the release of the film both DiCaprio and Hardy have earned Oscar nominations.  My hope is that the both will win.

The Food:  My suggestions are eating something like a burger rare/medium rare or steak prepare the same way or raw vegan or sushi.  Since this film is all about surviving in nature when this hits dvd it you can cook out doors do so.  If you can watch the movie outdoors even better.   After seeing, The Revenant, a friend of mine had this to say:

“I can’t believe we could eat meat after so much blood & guts, but the movie was excellent!”

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