Ninja Assassin Rick Yune Tells MCCN What He Likes to Slice Into

The strikingly good looking DC Native of Korean descent Rick Yune is one of  stars of Ninja Assassins, maybe more notably the original bad guy from Fast and the Furious and least recognizable while starring in the James Bond Film Die Another day as Zao.  MCCN caught up with Yune on the red carpet at the USA Today Hollywood Hero Awards, the actor shared with MCCN about his favorite food.  He shares,  “I love a good slice of pumpkin pie” and food from Roscoes Chicken and Waffles is his other indulgence.

With his martial arts background, he can afford a slice a pie.  He is bound to work it off.  Yune practices many forms of martial arts, having reached Olympic standard in Taekwondo and being a serious contender for the US team when he was 19.   However, you went on to pursue an MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of Business.   While studying at Wharton School of Business, Rick Yune worked as an intern on Wall Street trading stocks during summer 1992. During that time, he was “discovered” by a modeling agent and soon became the first Asian-American featured in advertisements forVersace and Ralph Lauren‘s Polo.  In 2002 he was voted as one of People Magazine “sexiest people.”