Chesapeake, VA: Review of Ron’s Hot Dogs

Ron’s Hot Dogs has been around for 33 years, although the décor transports you back to the 50’s diner with its checkerboard floor, round red cushion stoor with metallic base and the olden day menu board.   The restaurant has lots of windows shedding light into the place and
outdoor table too.   Not only is it popular for the hot dog but for breakfast.   My father told me that many of the area businessmen drop in to grab breakfast, hot dogs or a hamburger.

It is a pleasant dining experience.  The service was a bit slow but grub was good.  The portions are not oversized so if you are looking for a hearty burger then get a double.  The expression coined at the restaurant for everything on it is, “all the way.”  The chili dog is your good standard dog.  The hamburgers I am told by servers come fresh from the butcher every day.  It had a clean and not to heavy taste. 

The lunch specials are affordable at about $4.95 for a burger, fries and smalldrink or a North Carolina Barbecue sandwich deal with the same sides.

We finished off lunch with the Chocolate Meringue pie.The  chocolate melts in your mouth.   The Other daily offerings include Boston Cream pie and Lemon Meringue pie.

The restaurant closes early at 3PM. 

Where: 848 Providence Rd, 23325-4204 Chesapeake, VA

Telephone: +1 (757) 523-4829

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