Seafood at San Francisco’s Wharf

Calamari from Tarantino’s in San Francisco Photo by

There are a ton of restaurant likely to catch your attention in San Francisco.   At Tarantino’s, I honestly had some of the largest tender and well seasoned best tasing  ringlets of calamari.   You can dine or grab a bite to eat while continuing to walk down the strip.  Other delightful menu items include seafood sandwiches and dungeness crab.

Seafood Sandwich from Tarantino’s Photo by

At Aliota’s like any good restaurant catering to tourists you will find sourdough bowls filled with clam chowder.

How to Make a Sourdough Starter & Make the Bread

Wikipedia -San Francisco sourdough is the most famous sourdough bread made in the U.S. today. In contrast to sourdough production in other areas of the country, the San Francisco variety has remained in continuous production since 1849, with some bakeries (e.g., Boudin Bakery among others) able to trace their starters back to California’s Gold Rush period. It is a white bread characterized by a pronounced sourness (not all varieties are as sour as San Francisco sourdough), so much so that the dominant strain of lactobacillus in sourdough starters was named Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis. Sourdough also became popular because of its ability to combine well with seafoods and soups such as cioppino, clam chowder, and chili.

Now, I have reviewed quite a few sourdough starter videos on Youtube and the link below really among the best.- Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor.