Wine Riot Tour 2011: The Wino Memoirs

Ahhhh! Sunshine and great weather….the perfect time for wine aficionados to check out the local Wine Tasting Scene here in L.A. I recently had the opportunity to visit the first “Wine Riot Tour”, March 25-26th., held at Santa Monica Place on the third level. This might have been their first Riot Tour in the U.S., but there were enough wines to please even the fussiest pallet. Wines were featured from all over the world including South Africa, Portugal, France, and Germany just to name a few, with California amply represented.

The principal here is simple, you don’t need a ton of cash to drink awesome wines, and that a small amount of knowledge can go a long way, which is just one of the many ideas behind Second Glass President, Founder Tyler Baillet & CEO, Co-Founder Morgan First, the company that brings you and sponsors Wine Riot. Wine Riot has consecutively sold out for the last two years in Boston. Both Baillet and First have deemed their U.S. tour their Launch Event for Los Angeles. The company not only helps people discover their favorite wines, but remember the ones they like forever. READ MORE

Written by Syd Levy

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