North America: History of the Shamrock Shake

What’s green, cold, thick, and elusive? The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. This green mint flavored treat is whipped up every year from late February to March. Introduced in 1970, the shake was brought to the U.S and Canada by Uncle O’Grimacey- the green Irish uncle of the very purple Grimace.

The highly coveted drink has a devoted fan base. In recent years the St. Patrick’s Day shake has become hard to find. Websites dedicated to finding the seasonal drink populate the web. The Shamrock Shake, much like daylight savings time and beautiful weather, is a sure sign of spring. Changes to the triple thick 2010 drink include whip cream and cherry toppings.

To track the Shamrock Shake visit:

And if you can’t find one, try making one at home:

Article by Catrina Sally