Filipino Sweet Spaghetti

A staple Filipino dish is Sweet Spaghetti.  Meats tend to include hot dogs, Vienna sausage and ground beef.  According to Pinoyfoodblog, “Before Jollibee or even Tropical Hut came out with the Filipino version of the Italian Spaghetti, there was Makati Supermarket’s spaghetti sold in their coffee shop in the early sixties. This is probably how the sweetish Filipino spaghetti evolved. ”    Click to See Recipe

Young Hollywood Talks Holiday Cultural Traditions

While at the First Star event, MCCN recently got a chance to ask Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Camp Rock) of Filipino descent and Arlen Escarpeta of Belizean descent about what foods would likely make it their holiday tables. They also told us about their favorite foods aside from home cooking.

Perez de Tagle says she can expect to have lumpia and sweet spaghetti on the holiday table and her favorite place to eat in LA is Katsuya. As for other ethnic foods, she enjoys Japanese, Indian, and Mediterranean.  In general she likes to try things.

Before we jumped into dinner talk, Escarpeta, shared that he has been working with First Star for five years since his days on “American Dreams” and although, no longer on the show he continues to support the child advocacy mission. He is originally from Belize and came to LA as a young boy. He shares that with a mother from Belize and a Jamaican stepfather, the table will be bound to have cultural variety. His favorite Belizean dish is stew beans and white rice with brown stew chicken which he expects to be on the holiday table and some Jamaican ackee and saltfish.

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