MCCN Review of 2013 Taste of Mexico (Los Angeles)

Loteria Grill is one of the most exciting new restaurants in Los Angeles.

The Taste of Mexico Association set out in it’s ignaugural year to prove to the world the culinary scene of Mexico is about more than taco yet a great deal of the vendors this year served…tacos.  Now, these were for the most part not ordinary tacos.  Mexikosher’s Chef and Food Network’s Chopped champion served deep fried smelt (full length little fish)  on tacos.

Deep Fried Smelt from Mexico and yes, the editor took a bite out of the tortilla.

In an interesting twist, quite a bit of ceviches was served on chips including a magnificent octopus ceviche and halibut ceviche.  The flavors and fusion were certainly a culinary explosion for the tongue pero(but) mostly on chips or tortillas.

The reason may be that in the first year of the event, there were only four restaurants involved.  Those four restaurants are the core/founders which are Frida, La Casita Mexicana, La Monarca and Guelaguetza.  Although, the first year had a good attendance it was definitely catering to a smaller crowd.  Maybe bigger crowds translates to faster food.

A unique component of this year’s event was the Mezcal tasting area.  The restaurant association did successfully introduce a multitude of people Mezcal.  What pork is to chicken as the other white meat then Mezcal is to tequila as an authentic drink offering from Mexico.  Click Here to learn more about Mezcal.

Nevertheless, a good time was to be had.  There was more space.  Being an outdoor event for the first time gave it a great feel.   For an early October event the weather for the evening was perfect until the cooler temps at about 8 PM.  It seemed like more parents brought children.  There were not a lot of children but a few sightings.   Live Mariachi performed through the night.  Baked goods from La Monarca, chile relleno and taquitos from Casa Oaxaca.  Guelaguetza promtoed their signature Micheladas in bottled form.  It is best to come early when the crowds pile in after 6:30 pm the lines to get your taste of food become longer.

Watch Highlights from the 2013 Taste of Mexico

Taste of Mexico 2013

The Taste of Mexico Association is honored to announce that the Ambassador of Mexico in Washington DC, Eduardo Medina Mora, accompanied with Supervisor Gloria Molina, Councilman Jose Huizar and the Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, Carlos Sada, will be officially inaugurating The Taste of Mexico’s 3rd Annual Food Event at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes.In its third year, The Taste of Mexico has partnered with LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes on Hispanic Heritage Month to bring together top restaurants like La Casita Mexicana, Guelaguetza, La Monarca Bakery and Frida plus 25 of the top Mexican restaurants in the city for a south-of-the-border feast.

It’s going to be

Date/ Friday, October 11th
VIP: 5:00-11p.m. & GA 6:00-11:00 p.m.
Location/ LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes | 501 N Main St  Los Angeles, CA 90012
Ample parking is available in public lots in the surrounding area. Parking rates vary
The Taste of Mexico Online
Take a peak at last year’s event: