Sam Worthington Attends G’Day USA: Australia Week

While being interviewed on the photo set for Vogue Magazine, Sam Worthington(Avatar & Terminator: Salvation) said of  James Cameron, ” He picked the crazy, young, Aussie.”  This may cause a bit of confusion for some because the actor is Brittish born;however, he did grow up in Australia.   And his accent which accidently pops up in both films is clearly Australian.

Photo Credit: Tommaso Boddi / PR Photos: Sam Worthington

Worthington was among many other Australian celebrities such as Olivia Newton John, Simon Baker and Nicole Kidman at the G’Day USA: Australia Week signature event, the Los Angeles Black Tie Gala on January 17, 2010.   The festival from January 9-22, 2010, showcasing all things Australian, including food and wine, travel, film, arts, culture, fashion, business and investment. The event is produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Qantas Airways, Tourism Australia and Austrade. 
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